Progress Report

Absolutely loving the program hubs has written for me. We are a little over a month in already. After every 4 weeks the plan is to test my max out numbers to check for progress and continue going up in weight. Since each day we work with percentages of my max, we want to keep those numbers up to date.

Week 1:

Bench press: 3RM 105 lbs.

Squat: 3RM 155 lbs

Deadlift: 3RM 185

Week 5:

Bench press: 3RM 115 lbs. 1RM 120 lbs.

Squat: 3RM 165 lbs. 1RM 185 lbs.

Deadlift: 3RM 190 lbs 1RM 205 lbs.

One thing that is for sure, lifting is about confidence (form is a key player too). From hurting my back last year I second guess myself with the weight on back, especially for squat. But I know I’ve been training for it, my form has improved greatly since when I hurt my back. So I know I’m overreacting by not completing the rep.

I know that I’m doing it so I can only work on it and keep improving from here!

What are you training for?


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