The way she looks at him

“I want that ‘have you seen the way he looks at her ‘kind of love”

This has to be one of my favorite compliments.

Guys would come up to Austin that we always see around in the gym and get that gym friendship with, and be like ‘I want a girl that looks at me the way your wife looks at you’.

I think there is a certain emotion that’s hard to put into words but just a look into someone’s eyes and you know what it is and can feel it.

I stand behind my husband in his goals and he stands behind me in mine.

We are by no means perfect but we communicate, we love hard, we try and put the other in front of our own needs, we push and motivate when we have to, and comfort and listen in other times.

It’s not our anniversary, but a post to reflect on our relationship.

To show two people who won’t stop giving up on one another. My appreciation and unconditional love to this man.

Thanks for letting me be all sappy in the middle of your week and share these photos our friend took while on a stroll down the beach.

What do you cherish most in your relationship?


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