Sweating it out



Trying something different with my workout routine. And that is building my own program with hubby since he is the master mind of all the ins and outs of fitness and lifting.

Since I do better on programs to hold me accountable I am sticking with following one even if that means writing it myself. But now I have myself and Austin to hold me accountable.

I finished Kris Kethin’s 8 Week Hardcore trainer and really enjoyed the program. As well seen great results throughout.

But because it’s a program for anyone to use it’s not tailored specifically for a program. I wanted to incorporate more compound movements, deadlifts, squats, bench press, and hip thrusts. My goals for this program are to increase my strength while maintaining/improving an athletic physique.

*hubs did so nice color coding it!

Saturday I finished my first week of training. Really enjoyed it! Felt super sore. Sore is good because it is forcing me to stretch. A goal of mine to get better at and be more consistent with.

My training days are set up with starting with a strength movement of 1-2 compound movements. Find a max for that week, then taking a percentage of that weight to do 3×3.The rest of the workout is set up for accessory work and focusing on volume. Mostly 10 reps a set. If I reach 10 reps going up in weight til failing out.

Taking note that I have not done much of any compound movements in several months nor focused on strength here is my max out numbers for this training block.

*Not that I need an disclaimers or excuses for my numbers because this is my training journey and mine alone. But just putting that out there so I (we) know where I’m at*

3 rep max

Bench press: 105 lbs

Deadlift: 165 lbs

Squat: didn’t max out on squat; but went up to 155 lb box squat.

*Stopped at a weight where I started to stick at the bottom because not trying to hurt my back again.



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