Have fun with Cardio

I know I have said this before, but lifting > cardio. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with my cardio sessions!

I have been spot on getting my cardio in after my lifts and honestly I feel overall complete when I leave the gym. Muscles are fatigued and endurance is getting better. So what have I been doing to stick with my cardio routine?

Changing it up!

I know how that can sound scary. You’re used to riding the bike or jumping on the treadmill. I know. I didn’t want to jump into the pool because I didn’t want to be seen flopping in the water, not being the fastest or had the best form. But you know what? The more I did it the smoother I felt and looked in the water.

On Tuesdays I meet my friend bright and early to get our swim in. We normally swim 30-60 minutes just depending on schedules. Myself being a very competitive person even just against myself, I push to go further every week. Seeing if I can pass how many meters we did the week before.

We have a small home gym. So when I do workouts at the house I can jump on the rower. That makes for a great total body workout. Just this past Monday I jump roped. Do not underestimate this small piece of equipment. I went out in front of my house, trying not to care what my neighbors think, and went for 15 straight minutes. The burn! My calves!

I jump on the treadmill. Some days the goal is 20 minutes others it’s to get 4-6 miles in. Listening to my body for that day.

Getting on the spin bike is also a great way to increase your endurance. It may leave your behind sore but I get off of it dripping in sweat and legs fatigued. I came across this indoor bike workout Hubby found and sent me. If you want some good interval work I’d say give this a try. Do the whole workout or start with a portion of it.

Get out of your comfort zone and switch up your routine. You might even find you enjoy other activities!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

What are your go to routines for cardio?

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