I’m feeling 22!

It’s a couple days late but none the less I turned 22…. or shall I say we turned 22!

To top it all off I got to spend it with my twin sister.

With her being several states away we don’t always get to share our day together. But this year it worked out perfect because we ended up doing a road trip with the whole fam to NY then TN. Ending the last day on our birthday. What a great vacation it was. (I will be sharing our road trip shortly, so stay tuned).

Hubby didn’t get to come on the full trip so when I got back home I got to see him on our special day. He’s so cute. I walked in the door to this,

Plus a poster board he made saying “Are you feeling 22?” Que the TSwift music. Inside my pineapple suitcase (just wait til you see all the pineapple things I received) was a steering wheel cover, the cutest matching mugs and some fitness things because your girl likes to lift.

I also got this letter board for my birthday so I just had to put a pineapple quote on it because it seemed fitting.

All the family pictures because we don’t get to take many anymore.

Having a sister, so close in age, we were inseparable growing up she was always my confidant and best friend. Even through the distance it’s great to see things haven’t changed.

Here’s to another trip around the sun. Let’s see what we can get into next year together on our birthday!

Some behind the scenes when the balloons would rather hit us in the face.

Thanks for stopping by!


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