Skyline Drive

For a girl whose heart is stuck at the beach, I sure do find myself in the mountains more often then the beach.

The friend who takes mini road trips with me to D.C for the day to enjoy coffee shops, and many other destinations, took a trip to Skyline Drive the other day. Waking up before the sun to drive out to the mountains was well worth it.

We stopped at the half way point to grab a light breakfast and coffee. Took a little longer on our stop since on either side of the coffee shop was murals. So we had to stop by the two and then got back in the car before we got too distracted.

It’s never really an outing if we don’t make a wrong turn or two. We finally got to Skyline Drive by 11 and headed North to begin our mountain views. We were able to stop at several overlooks only having to skip a couple due to the clouds blocking the view.

We did get to see some wildlife. I deer ran right in front of our car (don’t worry it didn’t get hit), a couple of snakes in the road (we didn’t hang around to watch them), and a family of chipmunks running around on the rocks below us! Sad I couldn’t get a picture of the chipmunks they were too fast and kept running underneath bushes. But they were so cute!

For being a Tuesday the overlooks were populated and lots of bicyclist riding up and down the mountain roads.

On the way back we had to stop for another little treat. If you haven’t noticed already our goal is all the coffee shops haha. But when we arrived at Grit coffee they stopped selling food for the day. And we needed something a little more than just coffee. So walked a couple blocks and stumbled upon Iron Paffles and coffee. What a good find!

Their main menu item was a paffle, think mix between a pastry like a croissant and a waffle. Those were the bread to the sandwich and you chose what to stuff it with. I went chicken and a spring mix filling.

I always knocked the chicken and waffle craze and I’m sorry I did. Because now I can’t stop craving it!

Being up in the mountains had me wishing to be back on the hiking trails. Hubby just got back from a 65 mile backpacking trip, which I declined for several reasons. With a busy summer ahead we will see if I can get back on the trails!

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