Baby Fever

Don’t let the title fool you. No we are not expecting or planning to any time soon.

But am I having baby fever. It’s not helping that I have gone to two baby showers in the past month and half. Also, a friend had twins a couple months ago and I just held them for the first time. My heart. And out of my Instagram friends (friends, celebs, fitness influencers) a handful just had babies. So basically my feed is baby and bumps all day long. I cannot handle it!

I am about to be 22 next month so there is no rush to have babies anytime soon. But thinking about it this way my husband and I are coming up on our four year anniversary at the end of the year. So it’s like how much longer you going to wait for??

I’m still a couple of years out from getting my degree and hubby is going to be traveling a lot for his job. So now is not the right time. But really when is the right time for anything. If you wait ’til your ready your never going to be ready.

I thought maybe if I put this to paper I can let this baby talk and baby fever flow out of my system….

But as I am about to hit submit….a pregnancy announcement is the first post on my feed. I digress.

Anyone else in the same boat??

Thanks for listening.


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