What did I choose?

If this isn’t long over due!

I’m sorry readers. Let’s just say we have one week until finals so it’s been a little crazy around here. But it’s okay. We are fine. (Ha ha ha)

Back to business…. What’s next?

*keeping a workout journal of this program. Sitting in my car between classes righting it all out.

I have decided (and begun) my next workout program. I went with my first love, bodybuilding. I am doing Kris Gethins 8 week Hardcore Trainer to get myself back into the bodybuilding world.

Excited. Sore. Pumped. Eager. Did I mention Sore? Are how I am feeling about these workouts. I look forward to what the next workout is going to be and I am excited to see the progress.

The only down fall at the moment is on top of the 45 minute to an hour lifting session I have to do 2 cardio sessions a day. Right now I am getting 1 or none a day. But honestly I’m not stressing. I have a week and a half until this semester is over and then I’ll be able to put more time into my training. But for now I’ll just do what I can do and give what I am doing 110%.

We can only do our best. I’m not competing. I’m doing this because it’s what I love. And at the moment have other priorities that I need to take care of. So we are okay.

One thing I am looking forward to with this cardio is running. (Yes I did just string all that into one sentence). The weather is starting to warm up here so getting outside will be so refreshing.

So far this week the workouts have been incorporating drop sets, which I enjoy, and supersets. I have two more days to finish out this first week. I had to take tue/wed as rest day due to classes so just finishing out this week a little later.

After seeing what changing up my style of training for the last year has done I’m excited to see what going back to body building will do.

* I am not sponsored to do this program or give my opinion. Picked it for my enjoyment. If you want to look up the program click here

What is your favorite style of training? How do you choose to do your cardio?


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