leaving an Impact

For the past couple of months and in the next coming months we have had to say “goodbye” or a “see you later” to some amazing people. But that is what happens when your husband is in this type of career field; you are either moving or the ones who have become family are packing up and calling a new place home.

Since the new year we have had to wish safe travels to three dear friends. Looking on the bright side it gives us the opportunity to see new places when we get to visit. They better believe there are not done seeing our faces!

Everybody walks into your life for a different reason and I truly believe each one of them served their purpose. One great thing about friends is how much you can learn from them. Each friend we would spend time differently with, one loved to share back packing adventures with us, one is a great person to chill with, share stories, and just learn about life , and one I always hit up to go to coffee shops to share our passion for writing.

Can’t wait to visit and see where life takes each of these souls.

With these goodbyes it means opening our hearts to meet new people and continuing to grow our family.


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