Workouts leading up to Crossfit Competition

Tomorrow I will be crossing another fitness adventure off my list: my first CrossFit competition.

While I start to unwind for the night and get my bag ready for tomorrow, I though I would share some of the workouts we have been doing over the past month.

  • 27-21-15-9
    • wall balls
    • deadlift high pull
    • box jumps
    • push press
    • calorie row

This was my first Crossfit style workout since agreeing to do the competition, making my last one over two years prior! It kicked my butt! And a humbling workout at that. Those first 27 reps take it right out of you but as you keep completing each round the decrease in reps definitely helps keep you going.

  • 20 clean and press
    • 1 mile run
    • 20 clean and press

I did not plan on doing this workout. When I got to the gym and found out what hubby was doing I thought it lined up great with my training since I needed to practice my cleans. So I did not come prepared with my running shoes but instead my converse. (I have ran in those before, worst decision ever). So I did 9 minutes on the stair stepper which would have been my mile time. Yes I need to hit the trails again! I did the stair stepper at level 10 making sure to keep my heart rate at least 180 bpm.

  • 1000 meter row
    • 25 pull ups
    • 50 wall balls
    • 75 4-count flutter kicks
    • 1000 meter row

I underestimate the power of the rower. Normally for cardio I hop on the stair stepper but have been enjoying switching it up with the rower. Especially since it hits more muscle groups and works up a great sweat. After this workout I have been adding this machine into my training.

  • clean ladder
    • 65 lbs
    • 85 lbs
    • 95 lbs
    • 115lbs
    • 135 lbs
    • 145 lbs
    • 155 lbs
    • 165 lbs

We found out this was one of the workout at the competition, so we practiced it. The way it was supposed to be performed was with an 8 minute time cap and hitting each weight 2 times. Instead, we only loaded one bar and kept rotating between the three of us, to critic form and get used to the weight. Remember how I said I have not done a CrossFit workout in over two years? Well that goes for cleans as well. So doing the squat clean I managed to hit 115 lbs after several attempts. Definitely one of my weaknesses but I am still going to give it all I got at the competition tomorrow.

  • 10min EMOM (every minute on the minute)
    • 7 front squat
    • 7 knees over hips

We did this one after the squat clean ladder. Was feeling good at the start, but by round 7-8 my legs were getting wobbley.

  • 20 min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
    • 60 box jump overs
    • 50 calories on assault bike
    • 60 wall balls
    • 50 pull ups
    • 60 wall balls
    • 50 calories on assault bike
    • 60 box jump overs

This workout was also told to us as a competition workout. How it is worked is the reps are the total amount completed by the four teammates. So this is not an individual workout. With only one person working at a time, one person on standby, and the other two holding an odd object. For the odd object we used a 50 lb weighted ball per person. Found out wall balls (10 foot target) and box jump overs are my strengths.

Excited for tomorrows competition! Will be posting a recap of the event, so keep and eye out!

Have you ever competed in a CrossFIt competition? Or another fitness competition? Let me know if you try some of these workouts!



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