Back in Class

I have already completed one thing off my list for 2018! After a long week of registration and orientation I was able to start back at Uni. I was so close to not going this semester and I’m not going to lie I was almost heartbroken. After taking a year and a half off after getting my AA I have been ready to start chipping away at my degree again.

Like I said registration and orientation were long. About 4 and a half hours of waiting for registration to be set up. Due to the snow storm the week before, 9 inches, it closed Uni the week prior to orientation. So nothing was ready when the new students arrived. So we just waited and waited and waited some more. But it was okay because I took my new social attitude and made a great new friend. We killed time trying to find out where buildings were on campus and grabbed some lunch at the student center. We’ve been staying in touch since!

Everything worked out and I just completed my first week. I have decided to only go to school part-time and start full-time in the fall. My first week wasn’t even a full week. I am doing a Tuesday/Thursday split and Thursday wasn’t a  full day. With the two inches! of snow we got Wednesday night they delayed opening the school until 12 noon. A little dramatic if you ask me since the roads were clear, but then again the whole town basically shut down. So two of my morning classes were cancelled for the day.

One of my classes is Pre-calc, It’s funny how the saying if you don’t use it, you loose it is so true! In high school my strongest subject was math, but not taking a math class in four years I was having a hard time on a quiz we had to take on the first day to see where we are. I could remember my high school teacher going over all of it, but could not seem to figure out the answer. A little refresher and I am sure I’ll be right back at it!

Here’s for an exciting new semester! I’m sure now that the first week is over I will soon be pulling my hair out and staying up late studying but for now the excitement still stands.

Any readers currently taking classes? What’s your major? Feelings toward the new semester? 


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