Happy New Year

Just like that it is January first.

I had a great 2017. I took several months off from work, which was not the plan. But it allowed me to go home to Florida for a month. Which I ended up going back four times this year! And that always makes my heart happy.

I went to D.C twice. Visited Tennessee for a week with the family. Competed in my first Spartan Race. And hiked up many mountains to watch a handful of sunrises. That is just some of the highlights of this year.

But going into 2018….

I am excited!

I am hoping to make it home at least half the amount of times I did last year. But I also want to use the vacation time to see other places. I want to read more books and write more. Do more yoga.  And everything is finally aligned and I am going back to school (a week out!).

Those are just some of the things on my agenda for this year.

But now what to do for fitness.

I stopped on the final phase of the strength program I was on. Just four weeks left, but nope, every time I made it to the gym I found myself doing a different workout. It’s a great program and I enjoyed the first two phases but this last phase was basically just squatting every. single. day. Squatting is fun. But I want to hit dead lifts and bench press too. Even get in a curl and some shoulder presses. So that is what I have been doing in the gym. Going back to what I enjoy.

I still plan on incorporating some of the workouts from the strength program because it has definitely been beneficial. But maybe taking a month to go back to my regular style of bodybuilding will give me my motivation to actually be at the gym instead of just dragging myself there.

Don’t get me wrong I still love the gym. Even started the new year off right by getting in a leg workout for the first workout of the year. Speaking of my workout I really need to go roll out! I do have the CrossFit competition coming up in a couple weeks so that is helping switch up my normal workouts. (Keep an eye out for a recap of the competition at the end of the month!)

We shall see where this year takes me in terms of fitness. I don’t have any resolutions for the gym. Just going to keep grinding and see what the next phase has in store for me.

How was your 2017?

What is in store for this year?

How do you get yourself out of a workout rut?

Share in the comments!



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