Christmas Day

It’s a little late but I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I wish I had gotten on here sooner but when I wasn’t working I was sleeping trying to get away from the cold I had gotten. But we are in the mends now, so all is good.

What a fun and relaxing day it was. It started at 7:30 in the morning when I rolled out of bed hearing my Husband’s call pull up. He had to work Christmas Eve into Christmas day at the hospital but was a trooper to stay up to do presents and breakfast. Hubby and I, the roomies, and another couple came over to exchange presents. One by one we each went through our stack of gifts, the reactions were priceless, and the stories to go with them were great!

Cleaning up and getting ready for breakfast, I was told to stop and go sit upstairs. Um…okay. What else is left? Well, hubby and the roomie (aka the best friend) thought it would be fun to send me on a scavenger hunt for my last gift.

They sent me up and down the stairs, through out the house, into the outside storage, out front in my PJs and freezing! to come back to under the tree. They decided to spoil me even further and surprised me with an apple watch. So I had some toys to play with that afternoon. But what a fun way to start the morning.

With gifts done we went on to breakfast. Full bellies and tired eyes everyone started to go to sleep, night shift life. That allowed me to start dinner. which meant face timing the momma for our family recipe. Once everyone woke up we ate dinner, their breakfast. There were so many leftovers which barley made it to the next day.

With full bellies again it was time to meet up with more friends for good company and games. We played all night into the next day.

I can definitely say I enjoyed this Christmas! So many great friends to share it with and lots of laughs. I am glad we found such a great group here to spend our days with because being away from home and family for the holidays can be hard.

Here’s to a great new year!


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