A Holiday gift guide for the fit person in your life

A holiday gift guide for the fit person in your life


Today I did a little Christmas/birthday/anniversary shopping for the hubby. (Yes all of these celebrations are within the same week!) And thought with it being already December I would do a gift guide for the fit person in your life. No, the holidays aren’t about the gifts but it’s still fun to give and participate in.

Listed below is a wide range of fitness equipment. Can find items on this list ranging from 6$ to 130$. Items are listed in no particular order.


Resistance bands: 10$-20$

I use these everyday for a warmup but they are also great to add into your workout!


Shaker bottles: 6$-15$

You can never have enough.


Foam Roller: 15$-40$

Great for recovery and they come in different sizes so great for fitting in your gym bag. Plus they have different levels of rigidity, some even have knobs to help break up scar tissue in your muscles.

(The 3 I currently use)


Fat gripz: 15$-40$

I personally have never heard or used these but I was asking some fitness friends for some ideas for this post and this was one friend’s must have. So I did a little research and found that they are placed on dumbbells, barbells, even cable attachments to give a wider diameter to grab to improve strength.


Gliding discs: 6$-10$

Another idea thought of by my cousin who is a health coach and enjoys to get her workouts in at home. These are useful for traveling, easy at home use, or even bring them to the gym to incorporate into your workout there. Benefits are flexibility, endurance, and strength.


Weigh lifting belt: The most I saw was 20$ but could be upwards in the 100s

These belts help with stabilizing and taking pressure off of the spine.


Ab wheel: 10$-20$

Perfect to throw in your gym bag and take to the gym or even for traveling. Helps with core strength.


Chains: 45lbs of chains 130$

Depending on the style of training hubby will add these into his lifts to improve explosive strength and speed during his lifts. Helps change up exercises so the body doesn’t get complacent.


Lifting shoes: 80$-160$

These shoes are a hard sole shoe to improve stability during heavy lifts.


Chalk: 10$

Allows you to dry your hands so you can lift heavier/ prevent the bar from slipping out of our hands.


Wireless headphone: 20$- 60$

Wireless headphones are more convenient in the gym so you don’t have to worry about the wire getting in the way. I am guilty of yanking them out doing curls and turning my music off during front squats.


Want to add a gift idea for the fitness person in your life? Share in the comments!

*No brand was chosen over another just what I happened to find on google images

*all pictures were taken from google images

*Not sponsored by any company to post a product listed above


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