matron of honor

For how close my sister and are I wanted to dedicate a post to her. Sharing with you all  my Matron of honor speech and some photos I found when I was visiting my parents house in Florida.

“I may not always be there with you, but I will always be there for you.”

Our same but different nails for the wedding.

Our bridesmaid gifts. Each getting a robe, earrings, necklace, and bracelet all to match our personality. The bride putting a lot of thought into each gift!

My Matron of Honor Speech

Hello, for those of you who do not know me I’m Rachael, the matron of honor. I’d like to start by thanking the bride and groom for sharing this special day with all of us. Mom, Dad, and Love, for helping with this beautiful wedding. Laurel Wood Gardens for the beautiful venue and all they have done. And our friends and family coming to celebrate the happy couple.
To my sister.
My twin.
My best friend.
My Jecko when that was all we knew how to pronounce and called each other when we first started to talk.
We have been inseparable from the beginning. From you climbing into my crib every morning, all throughout school, and even changing my college so we can share more memories.
I think George came into your (our) life at the perfect time. All because he spotted us in the YMCA and had to know who you were. Finding me on Facebook to ask who the pretty girl was and still is.
But he came at the perfect time because I was soon making the move to Virginia so he was there to take my place and be there for you. In all reality it was always me who needed you throughout the years.
I am so happy the two of you have found each other. You bring out the best in one another. And I know you will have many many more great years ahead of you.
To the bride and groom:
May the future hold your happiness
May the future hold your health
May your heart hold your love
May your arms hold your babies yet to come
Here’s to happily ever after!

                                                          Then to now

“Though we may be far apart, we are always close at heart!”

*There was a few mistakes saying maid of honor instead of matron in the pictures but I still wanted to share them


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