Sister’s Wedding Day

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We just got in late last night from our trip back home. Feeling all the feels on the drive up. Excited to get back into my normal routine but already missing the family and being in relaxation mode without worrying about the responsibilities of every day life. But now I have so much to recap on and share with all of you!

As promised my sister’s wedding:

In the words of my sister “nothing went wrong.” You always hear of wedding stories where this was wrong, can’t believe this person did this, oh the drama! Nope. November 17th was a  very enjoyable day!

The weather was perfect and no rain which is somewhat unusual for a Florida day.

The bride and Dad rode in on a horse and carriage, which was only fitting since she got engaged on a horse and carriage ride. She kept that part of the wedding a surprise to her guests so everyone was in awe when she rode up to the aisle.

They wrote their own vows which I think adds a special little touch. It had the guests awing and laughing. Some even shedding a few tears.

Dinner and the cake was delicious. The DJ announcing when the cake was to be cut that there are two types of couples. One that civilly feeds their new spouse the cake and the other who tries to make it a bit messy. So after explaining the different couple styles he asked us, the guests, which one they should do by making the most noise when each option was said again. They were the happy couple who didn’t feed each other nicely when the cake was to be cut. But the important thing was no cake landed on the dress!

The only downfall of the wedding I think everyone can agree on is how fast the night went. Before we knew it the DJ announced the last song of the night and it was time to start cleaning up the venue.

Venue: Laurel Wood Gardens

Photographer: J. Rayne Photography

*the first five photos and the first two cake photos are her photos. Just a couple days after the wedding she post a sneak peak of the photos which consisted of almost 70 pictures! Those were fun to go through

Any funny wedding stories? Share in the comments



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