Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes this is a day late but yesterday was spent cooking and spending time with family.

We had a nice surprise show up in the afternoon. I am home in Florida for the holiday and my sister’s wedding (which will be getting a recap later this week!). With my sister’s wedding last Friday, they were going on their honeymoon all this last week. So no thanksgiving with the family for them.

They texted us in the morning saying happy thanksgiving and they were heading to Epcot for the day (a Disney honeymoon). Feeling a little sad we wished them a good day. In the mist of cooking and reminiscing the newly weds walk through the door! I was very happy because this is our first Thanksgiving home in three years plus we had other family from out of town joining in the festivities. So very thankful to be with everyone this year.

The newly weds

As always the food was amazing and there was even no leftover of my favorite pie. So safe to say it was all well enjoyed.

I am also thankful for all you and hope you enjoyed the festivities as well!

What are some of your thanksgiving day traditions?


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