Florida: Part 1

It’s always good to be back home! We took a five day mini trip at the end of October to attend a friends wedding. It was a great vacation but as always went too fast. But that’s okay because very soon we will be making another trip home!

To the days leading up to the wedding Hubby got in some quality time with the boys before the big day. And I spent the time with my sister who is getting married this month!! (Reason for the second trip back down.)

We went to one of our favorite’s Mount Dora for the annual craft fair. We found the bridesmaid’s jewelry and gorgeous necklace for the bride. Pictures to come after the wedding. Kiki even got spoiled with a doggie sweater. And might I just say it is coming in handy now that is only in the 40s-50s this week! I also got a frame with our name using different objects to make the letters.

We also went on a nature walk by the water and that is always very relaxing. 

We also went pumpkin picking and carved pumpkins which I posted here.

I even got to visit sister at work and chill with her between seeing her patients. Of course we talked wedding details and life. And shared funny stories. I always look forward to our time together.

And then the day of the wedding came! what a beautiful wedding it was. The ceremony was supposed to be outside but as the time grew near it started to rain. So they moved it inside but still very lovely.  While the bridal party went for picture the guest went into the cocktail room, where I couldn’t get enough of the meatballs and dumplings. Then off to the reception.

The dances were beautiful. We were all always on our feet between sips of wine and finishing off dinner and cake. By the time the wedding ended it was hard to get every one to go. We are so grateful we got to be apart of this couples big day!


Some silly ones…

The bride and groom themselves…

What a great week it turned out to be!



Any trips planned? Where are you going?




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