D.C. for the Day

“Oh, your going to D.C. for the day. What for?”

“To chill in coffee shops.”

Just kidding…

But seriously.

A friend and I normally have a weekly or bi-weekly coffee date to catch up and enjoy some yummy treats. She happened to tell me about a cute coffee shop/ bookstore in D.C. so ever since I’ve been wanting to check it out. So on a whim I texted her to see if she wanted to take the drive over to D.C… Sure enough she said yes to the four hour drive!

Our day consisted of a coffee shop, walking, a museum, another coffee shop, and more walking! But it was such a good day. My phone died once we got into the city because GPS killed it, so didn’t get many pics. But it helped make living in the present so much easier without having to check my phone all of the time.

Our day started at 6. We beat the sun up and was on our way. We have both been to D.C. before so we skipped the touristy things to do that’s why we didn’t mind just going to enjoy some good coffee and each others company. While walking from point a to point b we did pass the White House and the Washington Monument so we stopped to take some pics.

Our first stop was Busboys and Poets where we shared sweet potato pancakes and an egg wrap. The coffee was delicious, I ordered a mocha and a latte for Em.

With a good filling breakfast we were ready to continue on our day. We put those carbs to good use because we had a lot of walking to do, especially since our GPS was no help and had us walking in circles. But we got it taken care of and was back on track. We walked across the city to the Art Museum of the Americans. Cute little building with photographs from different photographers.

The building did have an empty blue mosaic room which was beautiful. So we took a minute to snap a few pictures.

To end our day before going back to the car we stopped at Peet’s Coffee to grab yet another cup of Joe and something for the sweet tooth. I got a pumpkin muffin which hit the spot.

Some more pictures from throughout the day.

*I have to thank Em for the majority of these photos

An overall good day from the car ride to the food and coffee to just walking around the city. It is always nice to be surrounded by good company. Keep friends who are always up for new adventures.

Where is your favorite spot to go enjoy a good cup of coffee? Whats your favorite city to go visit that you can make a day trip out of it?


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