Don’t cry over spilt coffee

Don’t cry over spilt coffee.

Yesterday I had taken a sleep study which meant limited coffee and an early morning today. Which meant I was really looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. A quick breakfast and I was out the door. Hands full with the equipment I had to return for the sleep study and my steaming cup of coffee. One foot out the door and my coffee goes everywhere!

Now normally this would have set me in mood all day. But ever since taking this mind and body challenge I have had a different mindset. By making a gratitude list, setting intentions, and affirmations helps set the tone for the day you want to have.

So when I dropped my coffee no big reaction besides a a big ouch! from the hot coffee landing on my foot. I just put my stuff down and cleaned it up, no huff or puff. Normally I would have been mad that I already dumped out the remaining coffee and cleaned the pot, so no more left for another cup, and that the entry rug was soaked in coffee. Plus I was now running behind (and I hate to be late). But no worries. I laughed it off with my husband and just thought now I have my coffee to look forward to after I make the drive. And I would probably enjoy a cup more while I had to wait and get my oil changed.

So if you are in need of a perspective change I highly recommend starting to journal these three things:

  • gratitude list
  • intention for the day
  • affirmations

What I have realized after setting my daily intention was when ever a negative thought pops into my head or something doesn’t go as planned I remember my intention, breathe, and then keep going.

These are great tools that I learned from Taylor in one of her mind and body challenges. If you are not following her already you should on Instagram at @ilikemyfitnesstaylored. She teaches positiviity, happiness, and self-love.




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