National Coffee Day

For a lover and addict of coffee I am sad to admit I had no idea what today was when I woke. I had already set out my schedule to hit the gym, then to my favorite local coffee shop to get some much needed blogging time in. And what do you know it is national coffee day.

But let’s be honest I have celebrated a bit too early…364 days to early. Everyday consuming one..maybe two..but never more than three cups of coffee.


Even my husband the non-coffee drinker had a Frappuccino today. Completely threw me off guard.

Here is a few basic photos of my coffee addiction and favorite coffee spots!

Aromas: where I go and do all my blogging and to have coffee dates with hubby.


The American Brew: just found this gem! It is owned by well-known, hybrid athlete Ashley Horner.

The American brew just hosted an event to raise money for Harvey and Irma relief by having all you can eat pancakes for dinner paired nicely with my maple pumpkin latte.

My at home coffee: normally enjoyed with a good book and puppy cuddles.


The pumpkin spice coffee that you have to at least have once a season. (The fall cup is deceiving with a sugar free vanilla coffee.)

Backpacking adventures: even on top of a mountain watching the sunrise my MRE came with a French vanilla cappuccino!

How do you like your coffee? Iced or hot? Flavored or black? Comment your coffee order below!

(found on Pinterest this coffee quote)



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