I am a Spartan

….or at least I was for a day.

Last weekend the Husband and I drove a few hours to North Carolina so I can compete with friends in the Fayetteville Spartan Race. They were complete bad-asses and competed in the beast and the next day did the sprint. I only did the sprint; it being my first spartan race I figured I would just get my feet wet first.

The weekend first started on Saturday when we finally got to North Carolina after a late start in our drive. We zipped over to take a quick tour in the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. Hubby was very excited to show me all the missions and equipment of the special operations.

Unfortunately didn’t get to  take many pictures because the museum was closing in about 25 minutes and we were to meet our friends for dinner soon.

In the mood for burgers but didn’t think that was good pre-race day food, so we picked up some subs and ate them at the hotel. We didn’t get to do any more exploring because we had an early start in the morning and decided to unwind and try and get to bed at a reasonable time.

Sunday started at 5:40 in the morning to slam down a quick breakfast of oatmeal and head to the race. One friend was starting at 8, I was at 8:45, and another friend at 9:45. We got to McCormick Farms where the race was being held at 7 so our first competitor would have time to sign in, get our bibs,  and not rush to the start line.

The sprint consisted of 4.6 miles and 22 obstacles. (Course outlined in red)

And we are off!

Luckily Kellie whose start time was at 9:45 was able to change it to my earlier start time so we could run together. I was determined to keep up with her, which I was able to do for half the race. She lost me on the bucket carry. This obstacle was to carry a bucket with no handle filled of pebbles, dirt, and rocks around a loop on the trail. This was at the half way point, as I stated, and my arms were already fatiguing from the other obstacles of jumping over walls, climbing a rope (which was my first time succeeding at and it only took one try!), and sandbag carry to name a few. Since some of the obstacles were the same as her race the day before she knew the grueling pain of carrying that bucket so pushed through without putting it down. I on the other hand stopped four times on the trail my fingers giving out and the bucket sliding out of my arms.

Some of my favorite obstacles were the rope climb, the rings which I successfully made it across, the Hercules Hoist which consisted of pulling a weight up with a rope til it reached the top and the barbwire. I enjoyed this obstacle even though it was a good amount of time you had to spend in the dirt because it made me so dizzy I couldn’t help but laugh. The fastest way to finish it was to barrel role instead of army crawl.Every time I stopped to see how much more I had left everything was just spinning I didn’t know what I was looking at so I shrugged and rolled on.

The rings

Sandbag carry

Other obstacles consisted of different styles of monkey bars, a 7 foot wall to jump over, spear throwing, a rope walls, and dunk wall (pictured below)

The dunk wall was basically a pool of mud made from digging a hole in the ground. You had to wade across in the mud, climb up a very slippery slope, back in the water, to then swim underneath a wall forcing you to fully emerge in the mud…it was great.

These gracious pictures are of the finish of jumping over the fire.

We had to get an after picture in front of the Spartan sign.

One with Hubby of course. He did not compete, but was a great supporter. He was wearing his finisher shirt form doing the 12 hour Hurricane Heat two years prior.

My time was 1:22:01. I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish.



Have you done any Spartan Races or Obstacle courses? Share in the comments.


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