Do More of What You Love

It is important to find time to do the things you love to keep your days balanced of work and fun. Some of my favorites are:

Going on a morning or evening walk with the hubby. It gives us time to unwind and talk about our day and future plans. Overall just getting up doing something and being outside improves your mood.

Drive with the windows down. Getting some fresh air can help be in the present moment, enjoying the warm summer days.

Trail runs. Met up with a friend this week to get my butt back into running. Went to one of the near by campsites that has a lot of running trails. For just getting back into running we lost track of time and hit five miles. Trail runs are nice because you can enjoy nature and wildlife We came across three deer out on the trail; they didn’t even move just let us run right past them. Tried running on the treadmill today but after yesterdays trail run it’s easy to just loose yourself in the run instead of looking at the clock on the wall.

Coffee dates. It’s fun just to meet up with a friend to talk over a nice cup of coffee. Cozy coffee cafes are a great place to unwind and relax. Plus a day hasn’t really begun until that first sip of coffee!

Pool days!! Moving to our new town home I’d say the best feature is the community pool. On my days off with the sun shining you can find me laying out for a couple hours. I like to bring a good book and unplug for a little bit.


High volume training. Sometimes Austin’s and my schedule line up where we can work out together and I love it because we can push one another to lift heavier and go harder. I’ve been doing his high volume workouts which give a nice challenge to my body than just bodybuilding. It’s good to get your heart rate up and lift some heavy weights!

Epsom salt baths. It’s soothing to fill a bath with some warm water and Epsom salt. There are many benefits of using Epsom salt: relaxes your body, relieves muscle tension, helps with sprains and bruises, and exfoliates your skin to name a few.

yoga. I especially like to practice yoga after a workout to stretch out my muscles and calm the body. I will do it right in my own home by turning on YouTube and following a guided yoga session. There are many benefits of yoga so to name a few there are: gives you peace of mind, connects you with guidance, helps with posture, and helps you focus.


What do you do throughout the day or week to have some fun? Share in the comments would love to know!





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