Tennessee: Mountians, Moonshine, & Music 

Tennessee: Mountains, Moonshine, & Music.

I hopped on the plane and headed to Forida! I got picked up by my momma and then the next day we took a family vacation to Gatlinburg Tennessee!

Our cabin we stayed in for a week was at the top of the mountain, with the best view!  Our cabin name was Right At Home. 

It was our first time up there and we loved it. We visited three towns while up there Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Seaver Ville. My parents love to go antiquing shopping so we did some of that, visited some tourist attractions such as the mountain coasters, visited Dollywood, and the strip in Gatlinburg filled with shops, food, games, an observation tower, and a lift to the top of the mountain.

^Dolltwood in our 4th of July outfits and twinning with my twin sister 

The goat coaster we did was a fun little coaster off the mountain which takes you up and then sends you on swift turns back down. A fun ride for the whole family. There were a few scattered along the main roads for families to pull over and enjoy a quick ride.

We had a fun time at Dollywood, the musician/actress Dolly Parton’s theme park.  Much different then going to an amusement park here in Florida in the summer with the sweltering heat. It was beautiful weather cool and breezy. Even with all the people entering the park we were able to hop right on the roller coasters. The views were unbelievable when you got to the top of the coaster, just a clear view of the surrounding mountains.

For the catchy title I added a popular drink in Tennessee, moonshine. Down the main road in Gatlinburg there were a couple venues selling and sampling moonshine. Even going to the restaurants you can take home the mason jar the moonshine came in as a souvenir. However, I did not take part in this culture.

On our way leaving we drove through Cades Cove. A scenic 11 mile loop where you get gorgeous views of the mountains and get to see wildlife. We seem two bears (didn’t get a picture it was climbing up the mountain and the other was hiding in the tall grass). Wee seen a family of deer and an elk. 

Would love to go back to hike the mountain trails, jump in the rivers to go tubing, and just enjoy nature’s beauty! 


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