Hills and 85 degrees summer heat

Hills and 85 degrees summer heat. 

Spent today going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, enjoying a nice ice cream cone, working on my tan… Ahh summer days…

That’s what I was imagining anyways on our run today in this summer heat. Hubby wanted to go get in a run with some hill work so I thought I’d join because quality time together, work on my endurance, etc. 

As pretty as it was out there and the fresh salty smell of the ocean, those hills were no joke. 

We would run along the beach road and then go up each side street (which was a steep incline hill), back down, and along the beach road to the next side street. And then once we got 2.5 miles out we turned around and repeated the route. It was hard not to veer off route and head straight towards the water and join all the families splashing around out there. 

Ten hills and 5 miles later we finished. 

The perks though were I found a new beach with pretty scenery. We passed a cute little book store that I’ll have to go back and check out. And I know there is a Ben & Jerry’s on the beach road which I will have to stop at next time! 

Where is your favorite spot to run? Do you stick to the same route or find new trails??

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