Leg and Arm Workout

Headphones in. World off.

Put these muscle groups together for a great workout.

Deadlift 5×8-10

leg extension 5×10 100 lbs

machine leg press 4×12 170 lbs

leg curl 4×8-10 100 lbs

cable pull-through 4×8 30lbs

dumbbell curls 5×8 25 lbs

dumbbell triceps extension 4×12 30 lbs

dips 3×8

cable curl 4×10 60 lbs

First time finishing dead-lifting with no pain. Well isn’t that always the goal? Yes. But since hurting my back and going to physical therapy for round two for this problem I finally had a successful deadlift.  Next leg day I will be incorporating front squat per request of my physical therapist. I have front squatted before but haven’t completed that movement in months due to preferring the back squat. It’s always good for change in your workout routine so just another movement to get comfortable with.

Do you prefer back squatting or front squatting? Regular deadlifts or sumo deadlifts? Share in the comments would love to know your opinion on different movements.


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