Mini Vacation

You don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. I always long for the Florida days again.

Decided to take a mini vacation back home mostly to get a way for a little bit and just go see the family.

It was just I that went, hubby had to stay behind due to work.

Those few days flew by. I couldn’t believe I was already boarding the plan to head back home.


March 9th– My day started at 3 AM when my dog wouldn’t go back to sleep and decided to continue barking. Followed by getting up with hubby at 5 to chat with him before he headed off to work. But 8:30 AM came quick with the arrival of my taxi and I was off to the airport! I like to be early to everything, to plan for unexpected traffic, to not have to rush through the airport, and allowing for my coffees stop before getting on the plane… Priorities. I got to people watch while sitting at my gate, not a bad way to pass time.

Finally, 1:30 rolled around and I was in Florida waiting for me was mom and my sister who surprised me by being there instead of at work. Since it was about a two-hour drive home from the airport, after lunch we spent the rest of the evening just catching up and relaxing.

The Pier at Clearwater Beach

March 10th– A beach trip was a must while on my little vacation. After stopping by to see an old friend who I haven’t seen in two years we hit the road to enjoy some rays. Meeting up with another dear friend once we got there, made for a fun day. When you get the three of us together it is non-stop laughter, awkwardness, and a whole lot of love. Clearwater beach is a popular beach for all the spring breakers so it was packed. (All my VA friends were greatly disappointed by the lack of color I got, don’t worry I was too. But we only had a few hours allotted for the beach so what do you expect!)

Leaving only a few hours after our arrival to the beach to sit in 2 ½ hours of traffic to make it back into town for dinner plans. I met up with my in-laws to catch up and say hi.

March 11th– The morning was spent house hunting with my sister. Doesn’t sound much like a vacation. Well, my sister and I were always inseparable so living four states away I don’t get to be there for everything. So I gladly took up the opportunity to help her with this next step in life.

We drove to St. Petersburg to meet with Austin’s grandparents for lunch. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, mostly because I just happened to watch Forest Gump for the first time a few weeks prior. A sunny day, walking the boardwalk, eating good food, isn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday.

While at Bubba Gump Shrimp

March 12th– We headed up to Mount Dora. We were going to walk around the town but got rained out so we just looked in a few stores and enjoyed some lunch and ice cream. I just want to point out dessert was the focal point of this trip. Ice cream (sometimes twice) everyday, homemade rainbow cookies, and homemade coconut cupcakes/frosting made by my sister.

March 13th– Back to Clearwater to grab lunch with my aunt and grandma. Food always a must what can I say. That wrapped up my visit. After getting back into town we headed out to Orlando to stay in a hotel so we could be close to the airport for my morning flight. I am grateful my flight was available due to the Nor’easter that cancelled many flights.

I had a great time catching up with family and friends and am already itching for the 80 degree weather after coming back to temperature in the 20’s.  


Any vacations coming up? What did you do for spring break? Would love to know. Share in the comments!

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