Back to Physical therapy and What is Dry Needling

I am back in physical therapy for my back. Although I have seen great improvements in my training from going through physical therapy I am still struggling getting back to squatting and dead lifting. Movements such as back extension and barbell shoulder press that I couldn’t do because of my injury I have been utilizing back into my workouts and that makes me happy!

I know I keep saying I am going to get back into squatting and dead lifting and you know what? I finally have! In the past two weeks I have squatted three times and dead lifted yesterday. Doing two leg days a week has definitely helped push me back into touching a barbell.

Both movements I have gone pretty light. I feel comfortable with my dead lift (form was a struggle previously but working with physical therapy has helped with that.) Squatting I still don’t have a good feeling about, so keeping the weight light but I am getting back to it.

I went back to my physical therapist and our plan now is to incorporate dry needling once a week and continue with physical therapy once a week as well. We have found that my pelvis is tilted down elongating my hamstrings and shortening my quads. Which is hurting my form and making my lower back compensate for it, thus causing the pain.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is done by using a filament needle and inserting it into a trigger point. This is done to eliminate the pain and break up the knots that have formed. Because there is an electrical current moving though the needles there will be a slight twitching response in the muscle. Soreness is expected because we are fatiguing the muscle but it will bring pain relief.

I have only gone for my evaluation and have not undergone any needling, treatment will start next week. After four weeks of  treatment, then it will be decided if dry needling will be beneficial.

I am excited to be back on the road of heavy lifting. And can’t wait to see how our new treatment plan will benefit my weight lifting. This is not going to be an overnight fix or a magic ‘pill’ but an aid to help get back to good health.

*This is my treatment plan and may not work for everyone.



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