Do you easily forgive? Do you let the hurt from others hold you down?

An Important message was given at last Sunday’s church service- forgiveness.

This powerful word was something I needed a lesson in.

I hold grudges. I hurt easy and don’t like to forget it.

But we need to forgive so He can forgive us.

Something happened in the beginning of the week and I didn’t lay it to rest. Affecting my mood for the days to come. Something happened months ago and I didn’t lay it to rest. Affecting my happiness for this person.

Dwelling on this hurt doesn’t do me any good. It does not affect the offender. And it is only rubbing my sour mood on the ones I love.

This isn’t just days in the making this is years I have been this way. But this sermon opened my eyes to forgiving, when the person is sorry or even when the other person isn’t sorry. Because ultimately He has forgiven all of our sins. His Son bore the wrath of His hatred for sin on the cross so we can all be forgiven. Even if the Offender can not make it up to you He will give restitution.

As the pastor said about forgiveness “not to get back but to get right.”

No more grudges. No more holding on to hurt.

I can say living my life through this new lens has changed my mood. I am happier. I let things go easier and quicker instead of dwelling on it.

If you are like me this is your wake up call to forgive. Don’t hold a grudge against them. Go meet up for lunch and put the past behind you. Just by letting go you will be free.


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  1. This reminds me of something I saw a few weeks back that related seconds in a day to pennies in a bank. If you have $86,164 in the bank, you wouldn’t throw away everything if you lose $600, so way waste 85,564 seconds of your day staying mad over something that lasted 10 minutes (600 seconds)? It gives a different perspective. Great post!

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