Back, Bicep, & Tricep Workout

This week’s back and arm workout was a fun one! Grab your workout partner and give this one a try. Throwing in super sets and giant sets is a sure way to keep your heart rate up and the sweat dripping.

Back, Bicep, and Tricep workout:

  • Lat pull down 4×10
  • one arm assisted pull up 4×8
  • Giant set
    • cable lat pull down 4×10
    • side pull downs single arm
    • front pull downs single arm
  • back extension 3×10
  • hammer curl 4×10
  • cable tricep pull down 4×10
  • cable curls with rope attachment 4×10
  • superset
    • DB tricep extension single arm
    • DB tricep extension
  • Superset
    • machine curl 4×10
    • dips 4×8-10
  • Superset
    • Decline sit up with plate
    • plate side bend

Do you like just the workout or would you prefer if I add me doing the movements to have a visual?

Let me know if you give this one a try!


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