Shoulder Day Workout

Another day in the gym. Another day where the time just flew by doing what I love. Empty gym. Headphones in. The world off.

Shoulders is my favorite day to train. I try to vary my exercises week to week but there are some go-to ones I always incorporate. Like dumbbell shoulder press and cable side raises. The rest of my workout is as follows:

  • barbell shoulder press 4×8-10
  • cable side raises 4×10
  • dumbbell shoulder press 4×6
  • superset
    • 25 lb plate raise 4×8-10
    • 10 lb plate raise 4×8-10
  • giant set
    • lying cable row 4×10
    • upright cable row 4×10
    • straight bar cable front raise reverse grip  4×10
  • superset
    • seated bent over flies 4×8-10
    • shrugs 4x 10-12
  • cardio 10 minutes stair mill


I don’t go into the gym with a set plan, only what muscle group I am going to train. That’s just what works for me. That way if something is being used that was  supposed to go next I can’t stress about it. I don’t put a time on my workouts either. I respond to how my body is feeling. Some workouts are 30 minutes where others are 90 minutes. This shoulder workout was one of the longer ones and that’s okay. You don’t have to be in the gym for ‘x’ amount of time for it to be considered a good workout.

Do what feels right but make sure you are giving it your all. What is the difference between 90 or 20 minutes if you are not making the most out of your time? If you are not pushing yourself, challenging yourself, and making the most out of your workout than time is irrelevant.




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