New Training Split: Legs Twice a Week

This week was the first week I implemented two leg days. I decided to add in another leg day to my training week because I have a dominant upper body and could use the extra training for my legs.

It is normal for some weightlifters to to train a muscle group 2-3 times a week. One program I have seen recommended squatting every day. It is preference on how many days you decide to train a muscle group, how many days to workout a week, and what one’s splits will be.

Tuesday: Leg day 1

  • Leg press 4×10
  • calf raises 4×15
  • super-set
    • leg extension 4×15
    • leg curl 4×10
  • super-set
    • hip abduction 4×20
    • hip adduction 4×20
  • cable pull-troughs 3×20
  • glute bridges 3×15

Thursday: Leg day 2 (Quad/glute focused)

  • leg extensions 5×10
  • single leg extension 4×10
  • single seated leg press 4×10
  • seated leg press 5×10
  • walking lunch with 25 lb plate 3×10
  • calf extension 8×10

Let me tell you, after this split my legs are hating/loving me. With the extra stress added to my legs I made sure to spend extra time rolling out my legs and had my massage therapist hit my legs, normally we just focus on my back and shoulders.

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think?

Favorite leg exercise to do?



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