Blue Ridge Mountains

This past weekend my husband went hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains and I had a girl’s weekend!

Austin found a group that goes hiking along the AT, which one duo (father and son) are thru hiking the AT, how awesome! The three day hiking trip turned into two when they realized how fast they were killing the trail and pushed on to finish early. They hiked 33 miles in those two days of fog and rain.

I opted out of this trip because due to my last hiking trip I vowed to not go back packing/camping again til warmer weather. I just really can’t handle the cold. How childish, I know! I’m just miserable when I can’t feel my extremities no matter how many layers I have on.

Austin had a great time, learned some new tricks, and made new friends.

I love the views from the mountains so after seeing his pictures he took I couldn’t help be just a little envious that I turned down the trip.  But wanted to share his pictures here.





When they made it to the top of the mountain!



Favorite spot to hike? Post in the comments!


We did what most would do on a girl’s weekend… coffee, shopping, food, and binged watched Netflix. Aside from the norm we went to a gender reveal party for one of her friend’s.  The couple is into hunting and shooting so we went to a shooting range where they had balloons filled with colored confetti representing the gender. They then shot the balloons revealing the gender of their baby. What a great idea!


They are having a B O Y!

photo-jan-15-10-21-39-am photo-jan-15-10-37-14-am

We were team boy and dressed accordingly.

It wasn’t until after the weekend was over I realized how much I didn’t say at the events we went to for her friends. Besides the gender reveal  we went out to dinner with a few of her friends.  In her company I was my normal weird self but surrounded by people I didn’t know I claimed up. Oh, why can’t I be a normal communicating being in the presence of people I don’t know? Anyone else a shy introverted being? Help! What can I do??


All in all we both had a nice long weekend, but I was happy when hubby was back home safe and sound and I in his arms again. Hopeless romantic here.


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    1. He hiked in the Jefferson national forest on the Appalachian trail starting at VA 614 and ending at the James river foot bridge. That’s always a fun day!

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