Back and Bicep workout

This week I have been varying my workouts by finding new exercises and incorporating them into my workout. Or doing exercises I normally do and modifying them. I also went for a high volume back down, which meant I didn’t go as heavy as normal.

My workout for back and biceps was as follows:

  • lat pull pull down (pull behind the head and then in front of head = one rep) 5×10
  • super set
    1. cable side pull down 4×10
    2. front arm pull down 4×10
  • standing cable angled lat pull downs 5×15
  • Lat pull down alternating with single pull downs 4×8-10
  • super set
    • Ez curl bar row on roman chair 4×10
    • back extensions 4×8
  • pull ups 4xfail
  • alternating dumbbell curl 4×10
  • cable straight bar curl 4×10
  • concentration curl 3×8

I had fun trying out these variations. It’s good to change up your workouts so your body doesn’t get complacent doing the same movements week after week.

photo-jan-12-8-23-11-pm-copy photo-jan-12-8-23-13-pm-copy

Found this quote on Instagram and thought how relatable. Who can relate? haha ^

Give this workout a try and let me know what you think! What your favorite back exercise? Post below

4 thoughts on “Back and Bicep workout

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  1. ‘Don’t get too big” L0L!

    I have this awesome female client that trains hard. Every time we do heavy back and biceps I jokingly say, “careful, you might get Popeyes’s arms by next week.”.. she always cracks up when I say that.

    Do you ever do pull ups in the beginning of the workout?

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