Leg day workout with bands

Happy Saturday!

I’ve been adding in some new movements to my workouts, more specifically my leg workouts. I have been incorporating band work. I love adding this new technique into my workouts because I can feel the difference it has with activating my glutes, quads, and hamstrings. I am not ditching the weights for the bands. I am using the bands to compliment the weights!


Leg press @ 180 lbs 4×8

Leg extension w/ band @100 lbs 5×12

Leg curl @ 85 lbs 5×12

Machine leg press w/ band @130 4×10

Glute bridge w/ band

Calf machine @150 5×10


Why should you use bands in your workout?

When incorporating bands with your movements it helps activate the desired muscle. The reason I was in physical therapy after hurting my back was because I used my back for all movements instead of activating my glutes and hamstrings. Now that I am back to lifting I use the bands to really focus on hitting that targeted muscle. (And boy was I sore after!)

They have different resistance ranges to choose from. Depending on which resistance you choose will determine how much more of challenge the exercise will be.


Using bands are also paired well with the stair mil, hip thrusts, kickbacks, and squats. You can add bands to any powerlifting movement (deadlift, bench press) and more to get a more challenging workout!

Any experience with bands? Favorite leg day exercise? Post below!


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  1. Hey Rachael! Just found your blog & glad i did! I love working out with bands too! I like to loop them around a pole or something & do mid rows with them. I’ve never done a full leg workout with them though so thats really cool! Sounds fun too :))

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