Tracking Macros

What are macros? How do you track your macros? What is IIFYM?

What are macros?

Macro nutrients are your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

How do you track your macros?

You have a set number or range you have to stay within to eat per carb, protein, and fat. I use My Fitness Pal to help keep track of how much I am eating and what my numbers should look like. You can find My Fitness Pal in the app store or click here. The nice part about My Fitness Pal is I have not come across the problem of not being able to find a certain food. And most chain restaurants have their food already in there.

What is IIFYM?

IIFYM stand for if it fits your macros. With tracking your macros this way you are not limiting yourself to what is portrayed as “good and bad” food. You eat in moderation. No that does not mean fitting that McGridle for breakfast, a bacon cheeseburger for dinner, and and banana split for desert. It means that you can have that cookie and not feel guilt over it because you are staying within your macros and balancing it out with healthier options.

I like to use macro counting and iffym because it helps me chose healthier options by actively seeing the number of calories and macros in my food choice. Plus it allows me to eat what I want in moderation while still seeing results.

Do I track 24/7?

No. Because I am not competing or prepping for a show. (I do have plans on that at a later date but not right now). I normally track during the week and on the weekends eat intuitively because we like to go out with friends or have dinner parties. So I am not going to stress by trying to calculate all the food when I do not know how it was made or focusing on food instead of each others company.

Tracking your macros are beneficial if you are trying to get lean(er), trying to lose weight, or want help making better eating choices.

Do you track your macros? Thoughts on IIFYM? Questions?  Comment below!


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