“I love you more”

g2Tomorrow (December 20th) will my husband and I’s two year anniversary. It’s crazy to think we have been together for four years and married for two already. He is my happy. He is my home.

Marriage. You get to see your partner when they are mad, frustrated, cranky, even hangry. But what is beautiful about being with the one that is yours is you get to be with someone you are continuously learning about and seeing them change into a stronger better person. It’s looking forward to bed time when you can cuddle up in his arms and know you are safe. It’s the random dance parties while cooking dinner and fighting over the radio. It’s being happy in the moment and planning for the future. But it’s also wiping away their tears and being there to listen.

adoreable2I would like to think we make a good team, because that is what a marriage is. We compliment each other but we value our differences. We don’t go to bed angry. Communication and trust are our golden rules.

I like to think the song “I’m Hard to Love” by Lee Brice is a good fit for me. I am one moody woman. How he has dealt with me this long, I am truly a lucky woman. But day after day he continues to care about my happiness, my dreams, and goals.

foreheadkissBy no means am I saying we have it all figured out because who does? I am saying I love this man. I love the way I catch him looking at me. I love how we continue to fight for our love and not let the little things come between us.

Here’s for more years to come!

A little about us

Somethings we enjoy doing together are working out and yoga, coffee dates, playing with our fur child, and hiking.

Our favorite places to eat are First Watch, Aromas, and Texas Roadhouse.

Favorite show to watch together: New Girl

Favorite dinner: His- steak; Mine- Pasta and Meatballs

Favorite season: His- Fall & Spring; Mine- Fall & Summer




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