Today in a nutshell

Today was a whirl wind of a day. Before I even take my first sip of coffee my mug goes crashing to the floor and coffee goes all over the carpet due to my curious dog. Breathe. Think Positive. This is why you make a full cup of coffee so you have multiple cups of coffee on deck, whew. And you have a carpet cleaner so we will just use that and it will be good as new. Take two, and another cup of coffee gets poured.

After my second cup, because let’s be honest I can’t properly function on just one, I head out to knock out some shopping. The stores were packed on an early Thursday afternoon but made for good time for conversation as there was enough people waiting on the long lines. It’s always better to be talking to another human being then yourself, am I right? Plus another customer had an extra coupon they couldn’t use so it got passed back to me, thank you! Hopefully one more day of shopping tomorrow after work and I can send out some packages, destination Florida! If I could I would put myself in a box and send it out to be with my family for the holidays. Another reason for the busy shopping time is because this week is my husband’s and I anniversary, his birthday, and then Christmas. Makes for a fun week though.

Christmas shopping finished for the day and now it’s time to run errands. I had to go pick  something up at the hospital, but they were closed due to training. Once again. Think Positive. It’s fine I can make time and go after work tomorrow. I’ll be passing by there anyways.

Hoping for a good workout, I put thoughts aside of skipping the gym and just going tomorrow. I faced my fears and got on the squat rack. In the last 6 months I kept going to start back up with squatting but never committed. My last PR, forever ago, was 200 pounds so it’s not that I am actually afraid of the movement just afraid to get back at it since I hurt my back and was at physical therapy. Today I took it light and will definitely be doing more come next leg day. I would have to say this workout was a success.

It’s not like anything bad happened to me today but just letting stress and time crunches get to me. But thinking positive always helps, as well as lots of coffee, and a cute winter outfit because “look good, feel good.”

Anyone else a little behind on their Christmas shopping?


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