Christmas/Holiday Survey

Christmas survey

Another blog I follow The Dancing Runner posted a Christmas Survey I thought it would be fun to continue. If you enjoyed it, share your thoughts and let’s keep it going.

Does it snow on Christmas where you live?

It does snow living in Virginia but the snowfall doesn’t normally start till after the holidays. I’m predicting a White Christmas though!!


Do you like snow?

I think snow is beautiful and nice to look at while it’s coming down. I’ll go out and dance around in the first snow fall of the season but then I want to be inside and watching it from my cozy blankets.

photo-dec-09-3-16-49-pm photo-dec-09-3-16-54-pm


Is winter your favorite season?

Winter would not be my favorite season. I can’t handle the cold, but I do enjoy the warm drinks it brings and the holidays we get to celebrate once the temperatures start dropping. Fall would be my favorite; it’s not too hot and reds, oranges, and yellows, cover the trees before the grey sets in.


What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

I become a little kid during the holidays. I love the Christmas music, the twinkling lights, and time for family and traditions.


What do you want for Christmas?

I want to be able to spend Christmas with my family. Unfortunately, things didn’t line up as planned this year so we will stay in Virginia, but thankful to be spending Christmas with friends.


Favorite Christmas food?

Every DePrimo in the family will agree on this…. Aunt Denise’s famous Christmas cookies. They are butter cookies that only she can make. Others in the family have tried to make these cookies, using the same recipe, but it cannot be done.


How do you get ready and decorate for Christmas?

Now that we live in an apartment with a fireplace the stockings get hung by the fireplace, we put up our cute little Christmas tree, and blast Christmas carols.

~Happy Holidays




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