Monday Night Yoga Class

Monday night yoga class

Tonight we had more of a private lesson since it was just the husband and I. (This lovely Virginia rain and cold keeping everyone inside wrapped in cozy blankets, I can only assume). Laughs, falls, learning, and landings all took place tonight.

We started with our normal flow but with it just being the two of us our teacher asked if we wanted to try some imbalances. Yes! I love challenging myself, feeling my muscles work in new ways, and learning how to use my breath to get me through new poses.

We started with crow and hubby and I nailed it. As our teacher said “couples that fly together, stay together” (hehe). Then we moved onto others I have not tried prior to class. We did side crow, flying lizard, and a headstand. Side crow I was able to hold, after a few failed attempts and laughs on the way down. Flying lizard, I could not get the hang of. Listening to my body I tried to work my way into the movements but feeling it wasn’t right I decided to store the the pose in a file for a later date..

I have been working on headstands at home, but to no avail. However, today I successfully got into and held the pose. Lots of cheering  and laughing tonight.

There was so much positive energy in the room. I can see how much our instructor loves to teach, and has such a strong passion for yoga. She said she loves to do yoga, teach yoga, watch others do yoga, and read about yoga. I love learning from someone who has such a passion for what they do.

As we always end practice with a moment of gratitude I will do the same here:

  • I am grateful to my body for its strength to be able to take me through my practice.
  • I am grateful for our yoga instructor for being so dedicated to our class, for being patient, and teaching us.
  • I am grateful for my husband who encouraged me tonight to keep trying.


5 thoughts on “Monday Night Yoga Class

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    1. Definitely a great way to start the week! I did get lucky, if it is anything active there is no twisting his arm to join me. Have a great rest of your night!

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    1. You are welcome, I love to try and connect with others. Thank you for the follow back!
      You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for a new and fun challenge. I normally go right after my weight lifting workout and it helps stretch out my sore muscles!

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