The breath

There is so much power in the breath.

I had my massage today and I don’t know if it’s from our hike and carrying my pack or just the intensity of my workouts but my knots had knots. As my massage therapist was relieving the pressure in my trigger points the pain was getting almost overbearing (oh do I love those deep tissue massages!).

When we are in pain we always seem to shorten our breath, making it that much difficult for ourselves. Becoming aware of this I started to lengthen my breath. In four seconds and out four seconds. Making his elbow in my shoulder more bearable and not being counterintuitive by tensing up.

Then I started thinking a lot revolves around the breath.

In the practice of yoga, it’s not about how long you can hold a handstand but about the breath.

While running, you must control the breath. In two steps, out two steps, to make the run comfortable and easier to manage.

When swimming, you must control the breath. When I do X,Y, & Z meter repeats those seconds of rest I focus on slowing my breathing to slow my heart down for the next set and to calm myself from the challenge of the last swim.

When one is stressed or angry before reacting or to simply calm oneself down, one focuses on the breath. This helps recompose before answering so you are more rational.

I will be more compassionate when it comes to my breath.



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