The make or break point

I hit a wall today. The make or break point in my workout.

This training program is broken up every two weeks. We take the past then that week is ‘easy’, followed by a much harder week where percentages and times go way up. That week is complete and then we take the past again and repeat the cycle four times through.

Showing up to my workout tired, but I was still holding a good mood.

The warm-up was just a preview of how the workout was going to go…shitty. When I got to the calisthenics I was already failing out at set two of six.  I did mention that the percentages went up, yah I was feeling it. But as we were all grunting we still managed to finish each rep and set. A little pat on the back.

Next up five 800 meter repeats. Due to my 8-minute mile pace, my goal was to run each 800 meters in 3:45. Which I can normally manage the time limits given. My first 800 meter run of the evening was completed in 4:20! Yikes!

Okay, so you didn’t pace right. Just pick it up on the next one.

My shins feeling the load, I decided to run barefoot. (Barefoot) Run number two was better at 3:54 and run number three was at 3:55. Much better from the first run of the night but just not hitting the mark.

This is where I hit the wall.

My ankle was hurting. I was sore and tired. I wasn’t making any of the times.

I might have shed a few tears and threw in the towel.

Hubby came over and tried to calm me down and said I still needed to get the distance in since I still had two runs left.

I took off. Not with the best attitude and didn’t stop. There is supposed to be a three-minute rest between each run. I didn’t take my last one. If I stopped after the fourth run to take that rest would I get back up? I wasn’t sure so I kept going. After running the full mile, I don’t know my time because I didn’t push the right button when I started, to record my time. But I did it. I finished the workout.

I am not writing this to simply complain about a shitty workout but to show that sometimes things don’t go as planned but we need to push on anyways. Sometimes our focus gets altered and we need to ask ourselves these questions to get us in the right perspective and mind set.

  • What is my purpose?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What motivates me?

It may not be easy, but it’s a challenge, a challenge that drives me. When you feel like giving up, don’t. This is where you learn. Grow. In anything in life, not just in the gym. Something I am still trying to work on and accept.

I write this to get a better grasp on my own purpose and in hopes to inspire and push one of you.






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