Ah, Coffee

Back at my favorite coffee shop! Having lunch with a friend and working on our writing projects. Me my blog, him his book.

I did mention it was lunch time, and knowing I would (obviously) be enjoying my mocha coffee when we got here I still had my morning cup of coffee. I had to!

I’m addicted. I was up to five cups a day. Thankfully I’ve cut back some…

Something about the smell of the coffee percolating, hearing it drip into the pot, combining the coffee and creamer into my favorite mug, and taking that first sip just sets the mood for the day. Coffee doesn’t wake me up by its caffeine but from the calming affect it has over me (the irony, oh I know!).

photo-oct-30-6-07-44-pmThe caffeine doesn’t bother me. I will have a cup while reading and fall asleep (the problem of always being fatigued), or even have a cup at 10 at night and fall asleep afterwards. I have built up quite a tolerance.

The first thing I want to do when I wake up, get off work, or am just feeling stressed out is have coffee. It calms me down. It warms me up when it’s cold. It relaxes me.

How does coffee relax a person? (I’m not drinking decaf FYI). It’s all in my head I know.

But ask anyone I know they will tell you coffee is my spirit animal.


How do you like your coffee? Are you as addicted as me?

5 thoughts on “Ah, Coffee

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  1. I seriously feel the exact same way!! I can drink coffee any time of the day, and most of the time I drink it black, no effect! Just pure bliss… The irony is so real.

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    1. I”m glad you can relate! Friends give me that odd look when I pour that late cup of coffee, but it’s happiness in a cup, haha.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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