Having the ‘right’ image

Step into a gym and what do you see? You will see people of different backgrounds, of different ages, of different professions, with different physiques. Everyone has their own goals they are striving for. One person may be in the gym to lose a couple pounds. One person may be in the gym to try something new and get out of their comfort zone. One person may be in the gym to put on some muscle. One person may be in the gym to de-stress from a long day. One person may be prepping for a show. There are so many reasons out there.

We are only trying to better ourselves. To improve our health. To improve our look. To improve our strength.

Depending on what you are training for, a marathon, powerlifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, etc. we are not going to look exactly the same. What might work for one person may not work for another. My passion when I step into the gym is geared towards bodybuilding, my husband’s is geared more towards Crossfit.


We have all heard it at least once before, the unwelcome comment “don’t get too big” or maybe the opposite “you need to put on some weight.” So what is the right image? The right image is the one where you are healthy, both mentally and physically, the one that makes you happy.


I have been told to not get too big many of times. I have recently just had another tattoo session on my arm and was told to not get any more size in my arms because I will ruin my tattoo. Why put down someone’s work, and how hard they are trying to reach their goal? Not everyone is going to like the physique you are at or are aiming for or the even the way you are training. But that is okay. You are not here to please them. Continue to do what makes your soul happy.

Love yourself, love your body, and enjoy the progress!



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