First Day Back on the Squat Rack

I got the all clear to start squatting again from my physical therapist (PT). What sent me to PT in the first place was having back pain especially after squats and deadlifts. The problem was I used my back for everything instead of activating my glutes and hamstrings. How did we fix this issue? A lot of band work and core stimulation was used during my physical therapy sessions. I would go in twice a week and have three exercises I had to do at home every day to continue building my glute and hamstring strength.

I had to take months off squatting and deadlifting and modify my leg and back workouts. I don’t even remember the last time I did those two movements.  I got the all clear to go back to my regular workouts, the only stipulation was to use pretty light weight. That’s what I did today. I just went in and did squats so I can report how it went to my PT this week, the deciding factor if I need to continue my therapy or not. After I finished I hit a calisthenic and run workout with the hubby and friends.


I would have to say today was a success! I have to start back from the beginning with my lifts, but sometimes taking a step back is just what you need. This new step gave me back my motivation in the gym. I can go back to doing what I love. And I graduated, as they say, from physical therapy.


            I recommend listening to your body. I’m so glad I did because now I can continue on my fitness journey instead of staying in the same place and risking injury.

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